How to know if an alexi likes you?


How to know if an alexi likes you?
This is really confusing to me.

Beginning of the year I met this guy trough work. He seemed nice but kind of a loner, didn't have that much social contact with the rest of us. So we didn't get that close until we had this project together a few months ago.

He started to interact with me more on a personal level, we texted a lot in our free time and we had sex once after a business party with lots of alcohol. I started to like him a bit more than just a colleague. Then he dropped that he has alexithymia. His sometimes strange behavior suddenly made so much more sense. He also explained his previous relationships failed because of it and he's pretty sure if he doesn't want that again.

Since then our contact has been pretty strange. When I try to see him as just a friend, he's suddenly behaving like he wants more and if I go with that he pulls back totally.

So my question is .... is it even possible for someone with alexithymia to "like" someone in that way? I read a lot online and what I found didn't really give me answer. Some say "yes of course" others say "no, realationships are just because of fitting into society".
No one? :(
É delicado este assunto, estou divorciado por causa da Alexi, porque não conseguia ser recíproco. A dúvida perdura, se seremos capazes de corresponder ou não. Acredito que ele queira tentar, mas é freado pelo turbilhão de dúvidas, se te machucará. Falo isso porque já passei pela mesma situação.

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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personal trait which affects roughly 10% of the population.

Alexithymia describes the difficulty of people to perceive and describe emotions of others and themselves. Most persons concerned are not aware about this deficit and usually they are just recognizing it in contact with others, especially close friends, within their family or their partner.

These pages should deliver additional information about Alexithymia and offer information for affected persons, relatives and generally interested people.