Test validity for teens


Test validity for teens
I've seen it mentioned in some posts that the test isn't so valid for teenagers due to their having such an emotional time in their lives whilst trying to find their own identity, but what factors determine the lack of validity? I've been like this since birth so despite being a teenager atm, it's a bit different.
It is a valid representation for this moment on your life, understandably the results might change over duration and awareness.

As an example, upon taking the test a second and third time I was asking myself the following question:
- am I answering with my core or with my coping mechanisms?

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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personal trait which affects roughly 10% of the population.

Alexithymia describes the difficulty of people to perceive and describe emotions of others and themselves. Most persons concerned are not aware about this deficit and usually they are just recognizing it in contact with others, especially close friends, within their family or their partner.

These pages should deliver additional information about Alexithymia and offer information for affected persons, relatives and generally interested people.