The no empathy = violence association


The no empathy = violence association
I encountered this idea yet again, and don't even see the point in refuting it anymore. People will continue to believe their cliches and generalized norms in spite of evidence to the contrary.
The assumption that psychopaths and sociopaths get lobbed at them seems to assert a direct correlation between an absence of emotional empathy and violence. That if someone does not function in terms of emotional empathy, attachment etc, that they will then automatically kill or otherwise damage other people. This could equally as readily apply to some alexithymics.
I really cannot follow this logic. As I have attempted unsuccessfully to explain to therapists, the few (also unsuccessful) encounters I have had with them that incorporated the topic of alexithymia, violence against others, especially to the extremes of violent murder, requires a great deal of intense emotional experience and expression.
The mere absence of emotional empathy is not enough of a motivator to incite this kind of behaviour.
I don't know about other alexithymic people who experience a distinct deficit, but I seem to have an over-developed sense of cognitive ethics in order to compensate. Violence contradicts those carefully considered philosophical principles.
Interestingly, further weakening the argument for the solid virtues of emotional empathy, I seem to be less influenced by circumstances impacting on those ethics than emotional people. For example, a shocking number of people seem to believe that if someone "hurts your feelings" or otherwise behaves in a way you dislike, then violence or other hostile behaviour is somehow justified towards them. I do not understand this sense of inconsistency.
Indeed, violence makes much more sense as an end outcome of emotional empathy than the lack of it to me. Violence is so often an intensely emotionally motivated behaviour, justified by emotional validation.
It's misconception. And it makes an alexithymic without functional emotional empathy (aka me) immediately creepy or dangerous, when actually, I'm probably less dangerous than your average person, emotionally swayed as they are by this inconsistent grasp of ethics.
Has anyone else encountered this idea, or had this applied to them? That just because you may not feel empathy, or attachment, or affection or any of these things that supposedly keep your average person from a homicidal rampage, that somehow that makes you dangerous, or predisposed to violence in such a simple A = B correlation?
I have encountered this Idea and do not believe lack of emotion makes you a violent person.
From my personal experiences, I have had people taunt and yell every name in the book at me at to get a reaction out of me.
I do not understand why they would be upset when things can be settled without getting emotional or violent.
People who have witnessed it would sometimes tell me "why do you let them speak that way to you, kick their ass".
I have learned that words are no excuse for violence. I do not normally say anything during such episodes just look straight at them until they are finished.
About the only time I would get violent is when put in a violent situation I would like to think I do react like most people "I think"
When touched in a violent way or too people I am in care of is about the only time I react I think it is internal instinct.
People with full emotions can also justify committing violence if felt wronged and a punch in the face was the deserving punishment, look at the daily mails comment section, yes it’s usually against people who have committed horrid crimes but my point is, anyone can justify hurting people if they believed it was deserved or created a mental loop whole that discards another’s humanity for whatever reason, i dislike terms from ASPD such as narcissistic, a person with low self esteem constantly mistreats and spits venom at the the guy with self confidence with the justification that he’s a narcissist.
I didn't read much about what you said, but I did read into the part where you said not all Alexithymics feel an intense urge to harm others and whatnot.

I need to say something, just to get it out.

I believe I'm Alexithymic. I was never diagnosed, but I feel like I might be. I can't say I am, though. Anyways, not only is it hard to express my feelings, I also have a lack thereof. I've faked so many emotions to the point where they make me believe they're real. They're not, because when I'm not in the past situation, I realize I was faking it. I do get happy, I just hype it up 110 percent more. I have a lack of empathy for others.

When I think about killing and/or harming someone, I feel no emotion-- in fact, if any emotion, I feel relieved and happy. That doesn't mean I'll do it-- because I'll get mad jail time. The screwed thing is, I don't care about how the family would feel. Is this a sociopathic trait?

I'm a normal girl, too. I'm not autistic (a big percent have Alexithymia). I function semi-well in life. All that jazz. I have severe anxiety, but I take pills. I also have clinical depression, and I take pills for that, too. I'm depressed (currently) in the way of fatigue and no motivation-- I'm not sad. I'm not anything. The only time I cry is out of manic frustration.

I don't cry when people die. I don't feel empathy for them-- friend's family and stranger's. I say "Aw, that sucks," but I don't mean it. I just don't care. I don't know, I just need to get this out.
Have you DNA sequenced, look for the “warrior gene”
Isn't the decision to kill someone or respond with violence something with a LOT of emotional drive? I mean, according to all the studies and Alexithymic would be more reasonable and would consider consequences etc and thus would most likely not make such an irrational decision to begin with. What you've said... I completely agree with. I mean, personally a lot of people made/ make jokes about me being able to kill people without feeling a hint of guilt, and I had to fix that belief in them by freaking out a little and pretending to care when someone died in a movie, but I also have more ethics and morals to compensate my lack of emotions.
Simple: I don't feel bad for the people who suffer, but why would I ever do it? Killing or harming other people doesn't make me feel good either, plus I don't want to go to jail.
While a lack of emotions, difficulty in recognising emotions or confusion over emotions doesn't necessarily equate with a desire to kill or maim it doesn't exclude it either. Sociopaths feel little in the way of an emotional response when they hurt or kill people or animals, they often do it out of curiosity or simply because they can. Alexithymia is frequently comorbid with other conditions, noticeably autism, but it can also coexist with psychotic disorders.

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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personal trait which affects roughly 10% of the population.

Alexithymia describes the difficulty of people to perceive and describe emotions of others and themselves. Most persons concerned are not aware about this deficit and usually they are just recognizing it in contact with others, especially close friends, within their family or their partner.

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